The outcomes of the EU-SysFlex Project




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EU-SysFlex French Virtual Power Plant: FCR provision by wind successfully demonstrated through local tests



EU-SysFlex blog: Batteries and EV charging points as electric grid balancers in a smart office environment



EU-SysFlex French Virtual Plant: Multi-services provision by storage successfully demonstrated through local tests



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EU-SysFlex blog: Performance analysis of data exchange and processing in the German Demonstrator



EU-SysFlex blog: Exploitation of power flexibilities from distribution networks: the importance of simulations. Outcomes from Task 6.3



EU-SysFlex blog: Three policy recommendations from the impact analysis of market and regulatory options in the pan-European power system through advanced power system and market modelling



EU-SysFlex blog: Design options of TSO/DSO coordination and their interface to flexibility markets



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