EU-SysFlex blog: EU-SysFlex project is testing what is legally required in German grids for 2021


Germany’s law demands a new process to integrate renewable energy resources in the redispatch process for solving congestion in the transmission and distribution grids. Such a process is already being tested by innogy and MITNETZ STROM in the German demonstrator of EU-SysFlex.

A change in the German law, including significant modifications related to the congestion management process, has recently been passed as NABEG 2.0 (Netzausbaubeschleunigungsgesetz or Grid Expansion Acceleration Act). These changes require an adaption of the redispatch process. The goal is to ensure the use of the most effective and most cost-efficient flexibility to solve congestions.

Today’s process was established to use conventional energy sources (CES) for congestion management in the transmission grid, as shown in Figure 1. However, the flexibility available from CES is often not enough to cover the additional needs from both transmission and distribution grids. Therefore,…read more