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ESADE is one of the worlds most prestigious academic institutions. ESADE programs cover the entire professional cycle (from recent graduate to experienced professional). The business management teaching and research at ESADE is internationally renowned. ESADE offers courses in Management Studies that rely upon various academicians, institutions and research centres, and groups, who focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership and governance, management, skills and knowledge, business social responsibility, economic law, branding, etc. ESADE has pioneered research in creativity and learning, innovation, entrepreneurial skills and management practices. Additionally ESADE is a key player in the EIT KIC-Innoenergy programme, where we provide educational courses for KIC masters and PhD students, specific training and support for innovation
projects and entrepreneurs, and perform RD work on innovative management tools.

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

ESADE will work principally leading Task 11.7 Innovative Business Models for the exploitation of EU-
SysFlex technologies. Within this activity we will analyse how resources of individual distributed
energy sources can be allocated between distribution network support and various supply and retail
functions including system balancing, management of energy supplier imbalance risk, management
of intermittent generation, energy arbitrage, contributing to capacity adequacy, while considering
the constraints associated with flexibility. The team’s background with working on similar projects
(LIGHTHOUSE projects “Replicate” and “MySmartLife”) will bring invaluable knowledge of effectively
and efficiently managing the tasks and work involved, as well as being able to build on synergies with
and best practices drawn from those cities and industrial actors involved in those innovation action

  •  Task 11.7 Innovative Business Models for the exploitation of EU-SysFlex technologies (M6-M48)
    (Leader ESADE; Participants: industrial partners exploiting technologies)
  •  SubTask 11.7.1 Establishment of the Advisory Board (AB) and the Exploitation Board (EB)
    (Coordinator: ESADE; Participants: All partners)
  •  SubTask 11.7.2 Initial value creation analysis of the project outcomes
  •  SubTask 11.7.3 Business model development
  •  SubTask 11.7.5 Exploitation of the results

Person in charge of the project: Jordi Vinaixa Serra

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