Presentation of EU-SysFlex at IEEE Power & Energy Society


Marie-Ann Evans (EDF R&D), technical manager of the EU-SysFlex project, will be presenting the project at IEEE Power & Energy Society on 17 December 2020 starting at 6 PM. The evening program will include a presentation of 3 European projects focusing on the future needs of system services.

Due to the exceptional circumstances, the event will be held online via Microsoft Teams. Presentation and the discussion will be held in French only. Registration for the event is free, but required at this address:

Projects that will be presented are:

  1. Projet H2020 EU-SysFlex, Marie-Ann Evans, EDF R&D
  2. Enseignements tirés du projet européen MIGRATE – Vera Silva, CTO GE Grid Solutions et Xavier Guillaud, professeur au L2EP
  3. Projet OSMOSE – William Phung, RTE, chef du projet


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