“Virtual power plant enables us to decrease the cost of energy from renewables.” Stefan Löw explains his work with Siemens and EDP


Stefan Löw, an expert from the Technical University in Munich, explains the benefits of the virtual power plant he works on with Germany’s Siemens and Portugal’s EDP within the EU-SysFlex project.

What is a virtual power plant?

Virtual power plant (VPP) is a combination of generators and storage. It allows us to optimally operate both of them and offer them together on the market.

What are the innovative aspects of the VPP you work on with EDP?

We want to provide support for EDP’s decisions and reach a nearly autonomous operation of the VPP in the bidding and the dispatching.

Why is a VPP important for increasing shares of renewables in the grid?

A VPP enables us to operate the units in an economically optimal way and thus to decrease the cost of energy from renewables and to make renewables a big success for our future.


Image source: EU-SysFlex

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