WATCH | Joint EU-SysFlex & OSMOSE Webinar #2


Webinar 2 | IT challenges to activate and monitor flexibilities


To enable an efficient Energy Transition, it will be key to activate more flexibility sources fast and efficiently. There is thus a need to accelerate and standardize data exchanges between the different layers, components and stakeholders of the power system. In this webinar, OSMOSE will present the issues and solutions found it two of its demonstrators. The first one implements close to real time cross border exchanges between Italy and Slovenia. The second one demonstrates a new critical and extremely fast service : grid forming. EU-SysFlex will then present its recommendations for improved data exchanges through its conceptual model for private energy data management.


  • Introduction of the webinar and both projects: Marie-Ann Evans (EDF), Nathalie Grisey (RTE)
  • OSMOSE: Near real time platform to activate cross border flexibilities: Gregor Goricar (ELES)
  • EU-SysFlex: DSO led demonstration project
  • OSMOSE: Grid forming activation and KPIs: Mario Paolone (EPFL)
  • OSMOSE: Monitoring new ancillary services: Emeline Guiu (RTE)
  • EU-SysFlex: Conceptual model for private energy data management: Kalle Kukk (Elering)
  • OSMOSE: IEC61850 communication standard:  Camille Bloch, Schneider Electric
  • Q&A session moderated by Nathalie Grisey (RTE)