Watch EU-SysFlex webinar #1 | Technical Shortfalls for Pan-European Power System with High Levels of Renewable Generation



D2.4: Scarcity identification for Pan European System

First EU-SysFlex webinar was dedicated to the topic of “Technical Shortfalls for Pan European Power System with High Levels of Renewable Generation” (Task 2.4).

This task involved detailed technical power system studies to identify technical scarcities and shortfalls. These studies build upon the work carried out in earlier tasks within WP2 in which detailed scenarios and models were developed. The scarcities being investigated include frequency stability, voltage stability, rotor angle stability, congestion, and restoration. Studies have been performed for the various combinations of system and scarcity: of the Ireland and Northern Ireland power system (all scarcities), the Polish transmission system that is connected to an approximate model of neighbouring countries (voltage and rotor angle), the Continental Europe (frequency), the Nordic system (frequency), and a subset of the Continental European system (congestion).

The webinar presented the results of the recently published Task 2.4 report for the Continental European power system, the Nordic power system and the Ireland and Northern Ireland power system.


  • Hassan Qazi, Senior Lead Engineer, EirGrid
  • Peter Wall, Senior Engineer, EirGrid
  • Josselin Fournel, Research Engineer, EDF
  • Jussi Ikäheimo, Senior Scientist, VTT
  • Mateusz Skwarski, Power System Analyst, PSEi
  • Michał Kłos, National Centre for Nuclear Research