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EU-SysFlex demonstration projects fact sheets:

Ireland & Northern Ireland Demostrations: The Qualifier Trial Process (QTP)

Italian Demonstration: Flexibility services provision from resources connected to the MV DSO

German Demomonstration: Flexibility from distribution grids for active and reactive power provision

Finnish Demonstration: Market based integration of distributed resources in transmission system operation

Portuguese Demonstration: Flexibility Hub, provision of active and reactive power and dynamic grid models to the TSO using DSO grid connected resources

Portuguese Demonstration: VPP Virtual Power Plant, maximizing the flexibility from the aggregation of different renewable generation technologies

French Demonstration: Aggregation approaches for multi-services provision from a portfolio of distributed resources

Data Demonstration: Demonstrations of cross-border and cross-sector data exchanges


Project Newsletters: 

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #1

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #2

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #3

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #4

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #5

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #6

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #7

EU-SysFlex Newsletter #8


Public Deliverables:

WP2: Development of new approaches for system operation with high RES-E

D2.1: State-of-the-Art Literature Review of System Scarcities at High Levels of Renewable Generation

D2.2: EU-SysFlex Scenarios and Network Sensitivities

D2.3: Models for Simulating Technical Scarcities

D2.4: Scarcity identification for Pan European System

D2.5: Financial Implications of High Levels of Renewables on the European Power System

D2.6: Mitigation of the Technical Scarcities Associated with High Levels of Renewables on the European Power System


WP3: Analysis of market design and regulatory options for innovative system services

D3.1: Product Definition for Innovative System Services

D3.2: Conceptual market organisations for the provision of innovative system services: role models, associated market designs and regulatory frameworks

D3.3: Business Use Cases for Innovative System Services

D3.4: Impact analysis of market and regulatory options through advanced power system and market modelling studies


WP4: Simulation of the integration of new system services into System Operator control centres

D4.3: Report on operator training outcomes with multiple TSO session held in DTS in Warsaw

D4.4: Qualification Trial Process for technology Integration and trialling of System Services

D4.5: Operation and integration considerations for distinct Qualifier trial providing units of system services

D4.6: Operation and integration considerations for distinct Qualifier trial providing units of system services

D4.7: Development of EUSysFlex Operator Protocol


WP5: Data management for facilitation of new flexibility solutions

D5.1: Recommended data exchange conceptual model for Europe

Task 5.1.3: Market and Governance of Existing Data Access & Exchange Platforms

Task 5.1.5: Legal requirements to data exchange – 2019.10

Task 5.1.9 Data exchange role model

D5.2: Description of data exchange use cases based on IEC 62559 methodology

Task 5.2: Individual data exchange use cases

D5.3: New big data collection, storage, and processing requirements as identified from the EU-SysFlex use cases

D5.4: Data security and privacy guidelines and feasible cyber security methods for data exchange platforms

D5.5: Proposal for data exchange standards and protocols


WP6: Demonstration of flexibility services from resources connected to the distribution network 

D6.1: Demonstrators system use cases description

D6.2: Forecast: Data, Methods and Processing. A common description

D6.3: Grid simulations and simulation tools. Preliminary results

D6.4: General description of processes and data transfer within three EU-SysFlex demonstrators

D6.5 Optimization tools and first applications in simulated environments

D6.6: Demonstrators for Flexibility Provision from Decentralized Resources, common View

D6.7: The German Demonstration Flexibility of Active and Reactive Power from HV Distribution Grid to EHV Transmission Grid

D6.8: Italian demonstrator – DSO support to the transmission network operation

D6.9: Finnish demonstrator – Market based integration of distributed resources in the transmission system operation

D6.10: Opportunities arising from Decentralized Flexibility Resources to serve the Needs of both DSOs and TSOs – Results and Recommendations from the Demonstrators


WP8: Demonstration of aggregation for multi-service provision from a portfolio of distributed resources 

D8.1: Demonstration Specification for Field Testing Aggregation Approaches for Multi-services Provision from a Portfolio of Distributed Resources

D8.2: WP8 intermediate progress report: software development and hardware implementation for the preparation of the multi-services multi-resources demonstration

D8.3: WP8 intermediate progress report: software development and experimental results of multi-services demonstration following local tests

D8.4: French demonstration: “multi-resources multi-services” virtual power plant


WP9: Demonstration of cross-border and cross-sector data management and exchanges

Task 9.1 and Task 9.2: Flexibility Platform Demonstrator Video

Task 9.3: Summary report of cross-border and cross-sectoral data exchange demonstrators


WP10: Pan-European Scalability and Replicability Analysis and Flexibility Roadmap 

D10.1: Report on the selection of KPIs for the demonstrations

D10.2: Report on the Technical Energy Analysis (TEA)

D10.3: Assessment of the technical reliability performance of EU-Sysflex Solutions

D10.4: Assessment of the scalability and replicability of EU-SysFlex solutions

D10.5: European Power System Flexibility Roadmap


WP11: Exploitation, communication & dissemination and coordination with other H2020 projects

D11.1: Social media and website

D11.9: Communication and Dissemination Plan

D11.10: Project newsletter (N1)

D11.11: Project newsletter (N2)

D11.12: Project newsletter (N3)

D11.13: Project newsletter (N4)

D11.14: Project newsletter (N5)

D11.15: Project Newsletter (N6)

D11.16: Project Newsletter (N7)

D11.18: Project flyer and brochure (N1)

D11.19: Project flyer and brochure (N2)

D11.20: Project flyer and brochure (N3)

D11.21: Policy workshop in Brussels (N 1)

D11.22: Policy workshop in Brussels (N 2)

D11.23: Policy workshop in Brussels (N3)

D11.24: Policy workshop in Brussels (N4)

D11.25: Policy workshops in Brussels (N5)

D11.26: Policy workshop in national capitals (N1)

D11.27: Policy workshops in National Capitals (N2)

D11.28:  Report on communication in media, at research & industry events, specialised journals