FINLAND: Demonstration of provision of flexibility services from distributed LV or MV assets


Helen Ltd., Helen Electricity Network Ltd. (third party), VTT

Technical aspects
• Aggregation of small distributed assets to the TSO’s ancillary markets and for DSO’s balancing needs
• The low voltage flexible resources in the demonstration are customer scale batteries, public EV charging stations, electric heating loads via AMR meters
• The medium voltage flexible resources in the demonstration are industrial scale BESS, PV power plant
• Development of a forecasting tool to estimate the available flexibility of the LV/MV assets for various markets
• Development of suitable interfaces to connect the small distributed assets to the aggregation platform
• Mechanism for optimising the reactive power procurement in the DSO market place

Innovative aspects of the demonstration
• Development of forecasting, optimisation and aggregation of flexibility capacity from manifold small resources to be traded on the ancillary markets.
• Proof of concept for a new market mechanism to manage the reactive power balance in the TSO/DSO connection point
• Increased use of market driven concepts to balance network

Main challenges
In the Nordic electricity system, the amount of intermittent capacity is rapidly increasing and greater flexibility and applicable solutions for high voltage grid stability are needed. In the Helsinki demo, a
novel approach is demonstrated where small distributed resources are aggregated to be traded by a retailer on the TSO’s existing market places and for the DSO’s balancing needs. To respond to the increasing RES penetration in the Nordic power system, more flexibilities are needed. The main objective is to demonstrate full value chain performance and cost competitiveness of harnessing small distributed resources for the benefit of power system stability.