FRANCE: Aggregation approaches for the provision of multiservices from a portfolio of distributed resources



Technical aspects
• Demonstration facilities: EDF Concept Grid – a private distribution grid dedicated to the testing and validation of smart grid equipment, systems and functions
• A 12 MW wind farm of 6 x 2000 KW turbines, type ENERCON E82, located in the department of Marne, south east of Paris
• A full storage system including a 2.3 MW/1h lithiumion battery as well as an ENERCON E-Storage 2300 power conversion system
• Photovoltaic panels and a variable load test bench installed at the EDF Concept Grid, combined with power amplifiers

Innovative aspects of the demonstration
• Development of a VPP (Virtual Power Plant) platform, integrating advanced forecasting and scheduling
• Demonstration of the approach to multi-service provision, through optimal management and coordinated control of multi-resources.
• Performance assessment of different services and flexibility solutions that can be procured from the multiresource aggregator (VPP).

Main challenges
Bigger reserves and new flexibility requirements will be necessary at high RES penetration. Additional system flexibilities and ancillary services will be procured from renewables and distributed storage systems. However, questions arise regarding the performance and reliability of the services provided by the variable resources, and the uncertain profitability of providing a single service. The VPP will address the capability to manage the portfolio of resources, in order to provide efficient and optimised multiservices for the future system.