ITALY: Provision of flexibility services from resources connected to the MV DSO network


e-distribuzione, Enel Global Infrastructure and Networks S.r.l., RSE

Technical aspects
• Location: Forlì-Cesena area (Emilia Romagna region)
• Provision of flexibility services from resources connected to the MV DSO network
• System operation and flexibility solutions required to meet the ambition of 50% renewables in the European electricity grid by 2030
• The demonstration site is located in an area with strong renewable generation penetration (mainly PV), with low consumption of the energy generated, and frequent back feeding from MV to HV

Innovative aspects of the demonstration
• Includes RES, Storage and STATCOM in congestion management, balancing and voltage support
• Set up of new coordinated process for ancillary service provision to the TSO
• Automated tools for Network State Analysis, Network Optimisation and Reactive Power Management
• Integrates improved forecasts for RES generation and load

Main challenges
The current national scenario including the continuous increase in distributed generation limits the potential of the TSO to regulate the frequency and voltage within the transmission network,
increasing the probability of overloading. This represents both an external challenge and an opportunity for the DSO, which can facilitate the use of local resources in the ancillary services of the transmission network. This could be achieved by improving the observability of the power system and adopting
advanced control systems capable of aggregating the distributed energy resources for use in the ancillary service market through virtual aggregation and the use of the DSO’s assets to contribute to the regulation of power flows at the DSO/TSO interface. Another crucial challenge is ensuring the DSO
can operate securely and safely within the distribution network. Improved monitoring systems and satisfactory integration with the devices will help improve the reliability and safety of the distribution network.