PORTUGAL: Virtual Power Plant, aggregation of generation units for participation in energy markets


EDP New R&D; EDP Renewables; EDP Produção; EDP UNGE; Siemens

Technical aspects
• Variable speed pump storage Hydro Plant – 756 MW (2×378)
• Altoda Coutada Wind Park– 115 MW (57 turbines)
• Falperra Wind Park – 50 MW (25 turbines)
• Resources connected to transmission grid

Innovative aspects of the demonstration
• Real time management of storage and generation portfolio: based on mathematical models including short term balancing operations
• Integrating forecasting modules for prices, energy supply and demand
• Market bidding suite for the different markets, respecting medium term strategies for storage management

Main challenges
In a scenario where the RES share is above 50%, new strategies will need to be demonstrated in order to ensure maximum flexibility at minimum cost, and secure and stable operation. Furthermore, RES intermittency, in this scenario (> 50%), will mean there is greater need for frequency regulation and balancing reserves. Finally, in the near future the wind parks will lose their feed-in tariffs.