EU-SysFlex awarded at the 7th ISGAN Award of Excellence


Each year, in partnership with the Global Smart Energy Federation (GSEF), The International Smart Grid Action Network (ISGAN) presents the Annual ISGAN Award of Excellence (AoE) to recognize excellence in smart grid projects, policies, and programs around the world. ISGAN brings together 26 countries from across five continents and the European Commission to advance the development and deployment of smarter, cleaner, and more flexible electricity grids around the world.

For the Seventh Annual ISGAN Award of Excellence competition, a wide range of smart grid project nominations were received. The winning projects were selected by an independent, international jury of smart grid experts, led by Mr. Reji Pillai Kumar, Executive Director of the Global Smart Energy Federation (GSEF). The jury selected the winning projects based on the following five criteria: potential impact, economic rationale, the potential for replication and adaptation, innovation, and other benefits.

The 2021 ISGAN Award of Excellence recognized exemplars in the field of smart grids with a special focus on “Future-Proofing the Grid Operation via Advanced Digitalisation & IoT”. EU-SysFlex German Demonstration was recognized and awarded a runner-up place at the 7th ISGAN Award of Excellence. Leading partners in the demonstration include MITNETZ STROM along with E.ON and Fraunhofer IEE.


More information about the ceremony and members of the jury can be found at the ISGAN website.


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