EU-SysFlex blog: 10 attention points of energy data exchange


The work done in EU-SysFlex data management stream up to now has brought our attention to ten building blocks, including aspects like legal and technical requirements, data privacy and cybersecurity, TSO-DSO coordination. Out of these the development of an interoperable data exchange conceptual model for cross-border and cross-sector data exchange is the central one.

Happy New Year!

Elering hosted the advisory board and general assembly meetings of the EU-SysFlex project in Tallinn’s Old Town in the Christmas atmosphere to mark the halfway of the project. These were coupled with a conference organised by Elering, Estonia’s Ministry of Economy and RTE, France’s Transmission System Operator (TSO); the EU-SysFlex was present as well. The conference was dedicated to energy data access. A Letter of Intent between eight system operators was signed to consider the establishment of a European Data Alliance. As a matter of fact, data management matters more and more across the field…read more