EU-SysFlex blog: A utility scale Virtual Power Plant (VPP)


The Basics of a VPP

Virtual Power Plant (or VPP for short) is a concept developed in the early 2000’s consisting of an aggregation of different power generation and/or consumption units that are operated in a coordinated manner so that from the system’s point of view this set behaves as one single power plant. The assets under a VPP can include conventional generation units (gas or pump hydro power plant), renewable resources (wind, solar) but also storage units or even flexible power consumers. VPPs have been used primarily to aggregate small generation units (e.g. rooftop photovoltaic panels) to enable their participation in energy markets.

The concept explored in EU-SysFlex’s WP7 takes a different approach: by jointly operating and dispatching renewable power plants with conventional, controllable power plants under the same system – a Virtual Power Plant – we can smooth out the intermittency of renewables. The result is a new Power Plant that from the power system’ perspective behaves as a conventional power plant (increasing and decreasing output when needed) while integrating large shares of Renewables “under its hood”….read more


Written by: Miguel Jorge Marques, EDP CNET

EDP Group is a large multinational and integrated energy player, with strong presence in 15 countries worldwide, especially in Europe, US and Brazil. EDP operates across all the energy value chain in generation, distribution, energy trading and retail of electricity and gas, with a specially relevant role as wind energy developer (#4 in the world in installed capacity). EDP is in project EU-SysFlex with its R&D center, EDP CNET coordinating the efforts of EDP Produção (operator of conventional generation portfolio, including Hydro), EDP Renewables (operator of the renewable units, including wind) and EDP SA – UNGE (Energy trading unit).

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