EU-SysFlex blog: Electrically heated households to provide frequency reserves


Determining the potential of an aggregation of 727 houses can provide for manual Frequency Restoration Reserves in the Finnish market.

The consumption of electricity of 727 households in the Helsinki area is modelled and forecasted in order to identify their ability to provide services to the Finnish transmission system operator (TSO). In the current system, their heating pattern is optimized to consume electricity during the night, when the hourly prices are the lowest. In EU-SysFlex, the objective is to determine ways to actively control them in order to provide services and increase their value.

The reason those houses are so valuable for the system is that their heating system was designed with a high degree of flexibility. Each of them is equipped with a hot water tank dimensioned in such a way that, on most days, the charging can be done during the cheap hours of the night and the consumption of heat for heating of space and water over the whole day does not deplete the reservoirs. With the appropriate contracts, Helen, the electricity retailer, could modify the consumption patterns and use the infrastructure of Helen Electricity Network, the distribution system operator (DSO), to send signals to the heating systems.

Due to technical limits, the control of the heating systems is not possible using the current Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) the Finnish market with an activation time of 15 minutes was…read more


Written by: Corentin Evens (VTT Ltd.), In the EU-SysFlex project, VTT’s contribution is in developing tools for the demonstrator in Finland and to provide inputs regarding market structures, market simulations and to the building of road maps and recommendations.

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