EU-SysFlex blog: First Results from the field test demonstrator in EU-SysFlex


Since the beginning of 2020, a field test demonstrator was set up at MITNETZ STROM. This demonstrator consists of an innovative grid and data integration functionalities which support more planning options and hence more stable grid operation as well as an improved communication between Transmission System Operator (TSO) and Distribution System Operator (DSO).

In Figure 1, a schematic overview of the different functionalities and the architecture of the demonstrator platform are described. The main input data is in the Common Information Model CIM data model and consists of equipment data, topological data and measurements. In addition, forecast information are also imported and used to build future grid states for the forecast horizon.

Figure 1:Architecture of the EU-SysFlex field test demonstrator running at MITNETZ STROM.

The system is running in parallel mode at the moment, which means that the functionalities within the demonstrator receive frequently the latest grid and forecast information. Based on this data, active and reactive power flexibility bands are computed via the optimization tool. Figure 2 shows an example of those flexibility bands for one of the grid network groups. Since no feedback loop with the grid control center is established…read more


Written by: Dr. Sebastian Wende-von Berg (University of Kassel/Fraunhofer IEE) working on Grid simulation and Grid optimization of the German Demonstrator of flexibility services from resources connected to the distribution network.

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