EU-SysFlex demonstration nominated for Global Power & Energy Elites of 2020


The German demonstrator within the EU-SysFlex project has been nominated for the Global Power & Energy Elites of 2020. The German demonstrator, led by innogy and Mitnetz, has designed a process to include decentralised power sources as flexibilities for solving congestions to ensure smooth and flexible RES integration into the grid.

The demonstrator enables the provision of flexibilities from the high voltage distribution grid to the TSO if support is needed in the transmission grid, but also uses this flexibility to solve congestions in its own (distribution) grid. The aim is to integrate renewable energy resources connected to the high voltage level of the distribution grid into a schedule-based process for congestion management and voltage control in the distribution grid and to support the transmission grid.

The German demonstrator within EU-SysFlex project has been an outstanding success due to its innovative utilisation of distributed renewable energies as flexibilities for the transmission and distribution grid. It also includes enhanced forecasting of consumption and feed-in from renewables and the schedules provided by generation units for calculating and optimising the power flow in the distribution grid by integrating up-to-the-minute grid data for each 15-minute update.

The project has already succeeded in describing target processes for congestion management and voltage control, in addition to defining the required information exchange with TSOs and the data for the German demonstrator’s platform. It has also laid down a strategy for the implementation of the demonstrator’s platform in terms of the infrastructure of the grid control centre, along with an implementation plan with the grid control centre’s technical supplier.

As a recent law change in Germany requires a new process to integrate renewable energy resources in the redispatch process for solving congestion in the transmission and distribution grids, the principles designed in the German EU-SysFlex demonstrator are a perfect basis for scaling the approaches and the newly designed process in addition to and using the learnings from the field test to fulfil the requirements of the new law by 2021.

The German demonstrator has also proved to be an important piece of the EU’s decarbonisation puzzle as it has generated a high level of knowledge and experience that will offer great insights when it comes to future-proofing TSO-DSO coordination management. Not only will this be valuable when it comes to the implementation of law changes, but it will also assist by creating the necessary flexibilities to ensure smooth and efficient operations across DSOs and TSOs.

Together with innogy and Mitnetz, Fraunhofer IEE, University of Kassel and INESC TEC are the other three partners involved in the German demonstrator.


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