EU-SysFlex French Virtual Plant: Multi-services provision by storage successfully demonstrated through local tests


A “multi-resource multi-service” VPP

Based on an innovative approach of ‘multi-services provision by multi-resources’, a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) composed of renewables and storage was proposed in the Work Package 8 (WP8) demonstration of EU-SysFlex project by EDF and ENERCON. In this demonstration, several distributed resources are controlled in a coordinated manner to provide multiple services and flexibility products to the power system. The portfolio of resources comprises a 12-MW wind farm connected to the French distribution grid of the “Marne” Department as well as a full storage system of 2 MW / 2.9 MWh, photovoltaic panels and a variable load test bench, which are installed at EDF Concept Grid testing site south-east of Paris.

Composed of a 45-foot container containing a lithium-ion battery and a 40-foot container containing the energy conversion system, the ENERCON storage system was commissioned at Concept Grid in January 2020 (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Completed Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) installation at EDF Concept Grid

Successful trials of “multi-service” provision by the storage system

Before demonstrating the full-chain operation of the whole VPP, it is essential to first test and to verify the individual services provision by each controllable resource within the VPP. Therefore, the WP8 team started by carrying out several local tests on the storage system by activating different services through the real-time storage controller E-SCU. These tests were performed locally as a first step…[read more]


Written by: Dr. Ye Wang, EDF, WP8 leader of the EU-SysFlex project.

EDF is the largest producer of renewable electricity in Europe. Two priorities are at the heart of its research: preparing the flexible and adaptable electrical systems and grids of tomorrow, and consolidating and developing competitive and low-carbon energy generation mixes.

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