EU-SysFlex hosts workshop at Energy Data Access Conference in Tallinn, Estonia


Essential to achieving the vision of clean, affordable and secure energy for all Europeans are competitive and integrated energy markets. The Tallinn Energy Data Access conference is about how to empower people – consumers – to benefit from a wide range of energy services. The key obstacle today is that service providers cannot access consumer meter data in most European countries.

What are the tools that need to be set up, what regulations are needed, to drive the energy transition, enable free movement of data and empower people? The conference will result in practical follow-up of the Tallinn e-Energy Declaration, in the area of energy data regulation, standardisation and interoperability and will pave the way to achieving competitive and integrated energy markets in Europe.

Energy Data Access Conference is organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonia and one of EU-SysFlex project partners, Elering. The conference is taking place on Thursday 28 November 2019 in Tallinn, Estonia and is a follow-up to „Where Digital Meets Energy“ (September 2017 in Tallinn) and „Energy & Digitalisation“ (January 2019 in Paris).

Elering’s Kalle Kukk will be moderating a workshop called “Track 2: Data models and standardisation” which will be taking place from 13:45 to 15:00. The workshop will aim at understanding what is needed for interoperable energy markets and interoperable data management on most practical layers.

Full programme of the conference can be found here and you can register to the conference here.


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