EU-SysFlex publishes its second flyer


EU-SysFlex is excited to announce that its second flyer has now been published.
The flyer includes project news and updates regarding innovations in product and market design, news from demonstrations and trial and introduces what the next steps shall be.

EU-SysFlex has developed several scenarios where renewables meet at least 50% of the total annual demand in the pan-European Power System. There are two Core scenarios which have 50% and 65% RES-E as the referral to the EU goals. Network Sensitivities were also developed, either to reflect even more ambitious policies (e.g. for the Ireland and Northern Ireland power system) or to analyse the impact of some technology choices on any given power system, e.g. higher solar penetration for the Nordic system, or higher levels of distribution-connected renewables for the Eastern European area.

A detailed overview of different system services and products (including detailed specifications) for the countries in scope has been realized. A questionnaire has been issued covering innovations in product and market design for future system services. For each system service, the innovation potential with respect to future products providing this service was defined. Examples of existing products were provided as possible blueprint for a generic product or in case no product exists, proposals for new system services were designed. In particular for congestion management, it was observed that no specific products were yet available. Multiple products for congestion management are proposed offering different procurement times to answer the need for congestion management in different time frames.

Read more in the EU-SysFlex project flyer.


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