Global Power & Energy Elites 2021 awards German demonstrator


German demonstrator from the EU-SysFlex project has been awarded by the “Global Power Energy Elites” for the second year in a row as one of the most innovative projects in 2021. This year under the category “Data and analytics”.

As the Global Power & Energy Elites website writes, new algorithms and tools developed in the German demonstrator of the EU-SysFlex Project have opened the way for real-time coordination of flexibility to manage intermittent renewable energy resources on the grid.

The key players in the development of the algorithms are the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Economics and Energy System Technology (IEE), and the University of Kassel (e2n).

The algorithms developed will coordinate the utilisation of active and reactive power flexibility, which can be provided to the distribution system operator (DSO), and from the DSO to the transmission system operator (TSO). Such coordination and optimisation between the DSO and TSO is crucial for the security and cost-effective operation of a grid with a high penetration of renewable energy resources.

You can read the full article on Global Power & Energy Elites website here.

You can also access full digital magazine here.

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