Joint Horizon2020 workshop to take place prior to InnoGrid conference


InnoGrid is a prestigious annual event organized jointly by ENTSO-E and the European Distribution System Operators (E.DSO). The motto of InnoGrid 2019 this year is: “Connecting Physics and Digits: Power Platforms on the Rise”Emerging platforms either for flexibility trading or data exchange or TSO-DSO cooperation were driving us to share ideas and findings with other projects in a focused workshop.

We are proud to announce that our Joint Horizon2020 workshop on TSO-DSO cooperation in flexibility market integration will take place on May 13, 2019, just before the start of InnoGrid conference. Number of TSO and DSO projects will present novel flexibility use cases and discuss the next steps towards continuing cooperation. Representatives of European Commission, ENTSO-E and DSO associations will be there to contribute to the discussion.

EU-SysFlex is organizer of the workshop whereas ENTSO-E will kindly provide premises for the meeting.


Topic of the workshop: 

TSO-DSO cooperation in flexibility market integration


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