New EU-SysFlex blog: Market access, data access


Customer should be the one deciding who, how and when their flexibility and data can be used. Easy market and data access will be designed to avoid customer lock-in to a single system operator, to a single flexibility service or to a single market platform.

May 2019 has seen quite some spot-on discussions in the EU-SysFlex project. Work on demonstrations has started, but it is not settled yet what exactly should and could be demonstrated. Joint Horizon2020 projects’ workshop called by EU-SysFlex on the eve of the InnoGrid conference brought together brightest and most motivated experts in the field of our interest. In the internal work package discussions, we have heard scary but novel concepts like ‘global optimization’ and ‘cross-border congestion management’…

This time the focus is on data management, but it should be seen just as a tool for a well-functioning energy market. Which in turn, of course, serves stakeholders including customers and benefits…read more