Cybernetica AS (Cybernetica)


Cybernetica AS is a R&D intensive ICT company that researches, develops and manufactures software
solutions, light signalling and telematics products, maritime surveillance and radio communications
systems, investigates and applies the theoretical and practical security solutions.
Cybernetica values the creativity of employees and respect between customers and colleagues. We
support the professional development and achievements of our employees.
Our goal is to strengthen the position of Cybernetica as an international ICT competence centre,
while offering internationally competitive products and services.

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

Cybernetica contributes our Unified eXchange Platform (UXP) technology that can be used to set up a
secure data exchange infrastructure between participating organizations. Cybernetica participates in
all the tasks within WP5 and in task 9.3 “Cross-border and cross-sectoral data exchange
demonstration” in WP9.

Person in charge of the project: Peeter Laud

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