E-REDES is part of EDP Group and Portugal’s incumbent DSO (accounting for 97% of
the market with more than 6 million customers). EDPD coordinates InovGrid Project, which entails a
largescale smart grid demonstration projects already under way in Évora and expanding to other
cities in Portugal, impacting more than 150.000 consumers.



Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

EDPD will be leading the Flexibility Hub, define the user requirements and implement the demo to
validate the flexibility services delivered by the DSO to the TSO, such as: control of resources owned
by the DSO for voltage control purposes and congestion management, reactive/active power ratio
forecast and control; technical validation of market flexibility activated by the TSO (including the
VPP); dynamic equivalents for the transmission network nodes.

Person in charge of the project: Jorge Moreira

More info: https://www.e-redes.pt/en/eu-sysflex