EDP NEW – Centre for New Energy Technologies


EDP NEW is EDP’s Research and Development Center. EDP – Energias de Portugal is an integrated energy player, with a global presence that includes operations in Europe (especially focused in Portugal and Spain but with relevant positions in France, Belgium, Italy, Romania, Poland and UK), in the United States and in Brazil. Throughout its 40-year-history, EDP has transformed from Portugal’s incumbent electricity company to a major multinational energy company, producing, distributing and marketing energy (electricity and gas) worldwide, currently standing as the world’s fourth largest wind energy producer.

The group boasts €3.7bi of annual EBITDA (YE2019). In electricity generation, EDP has a total installed capacity of 27 GW, 74% of which in Renewable Energy (wind, hydro and solar) which reflects the group’s decarbonization efforts over the years.

EDP NEW is a subsidiary of EDP Group with the mission of creating value through collaborative R&D in the energy sector. It is fully committed to innovation and research with a strong focus in technology demonstration projects. NEW centralizes EDP group’s R&D activities and is established inside Labelec – EDP’s laboratorial facilities and technical excellence center.

Among other areas, EDP NEW is very active in the topics of smart grids, smart cities and communities, digitalization, renewable energy technology and flexibility in energy systems. The Center has carried out work in more than 30 EU-funded projects across the energy value chain, adopting an integrated and sustainable approach towards disruptive solutions that empower its partners and bring value to the shareholders.

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

EDP NEW is the entity that will lead WP7 which is focused on the Portuguese demonstration. Apart from having the pivot role of articulating all the partners in the different parts of the demo and making sure the interactions are carefully dealt with, EDP NEW will also be specifically in charge of the system use cases definition and characterization of the end-user requirement (subtask 7.1.1) and the management and execution of the use cases (task 7.4).

Person in charge of the project: Miguel Jorge Marques

Contact: migueljorge.marques@edp.pt