Enoco AS (Enoco)


Enoco is a private enterprise established in 2009, and has specialised on developing and
implementing energy efficient Building Management Systems. In addition to optimising the
traditional technical systems like ventilation, heating/cooling and light system, Enoco has developed
unique energy control systems for large and medium buildings. Enoco has developed a unique
power-peak control system, where all consumers in the building are established with its pre-defined
priority – applied to disable or enable it during power demanding periods – ensuring that the total
power outtake and energy consumption of the building does not exceed predefined limits.
Furthermore – Enoco has developed a cloud based Energy Surveillance/Monitoring System (EMS). In
this system the installed building controllers transmits energy data on hourly basis to a cloud based
server. In addition to the regular surveillance service, the customer also receives alarms if the
consumption exceeds pre-specified limits. Enoco is also widely used by consultancy companies,
energy supply companies and the University (NTNU) in order to perform energy analysis as a basis for
energy measures in existing buildings.

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

In order to activate the large volume of small DSRs as a part of the flexibility market, an affordable
system/application for smaller customers/units must be identified/developed. Enoco has already
developed such systems for larger buildings/units, and it is expected that it is a favourable strategy to
downscale a well proven and existing large and reliable system. It is expected that a downscaled
system will inherit the robustness of an existing industrialized system. A considerable challenge will
be to provide a solution with necessary low price in order to reach a high volume, and still remaining
Enoco will give its contributions to the tasks 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 and 5.5 within the WP5.
In WP9, Enoco will lead task 9.1 “Affordable tool for smaller DSR units”

Person in charge of the project: Ulf Roar Aakenes

More info: https://www.enoco.no/