E.ON is an international, privately owned energy supplier based in Essen, Germany. With a clear focus on two strong core businesses we aim to become the partner of choice for energy and customer solutions.

We provide solutions for the new energy world and make sure that everything we do has a single focus – our customers. Whether they are individuals or families, big or small businesses, or even entire towns and cities.

E.ON is operating regulated distribution networks in eight European countries, making it one of Europe’s biggest distribution system operator (“DSO”).

Distribution networks connect our customers with one another and provide the backbone for a successful energy transition. Our focus is on evolving from a pure DSO to a smart platform provider. The digitization of distribution networks plays an important role here. For example, around 2,700 smart substations entered service at E.ON DSOs in Germany. They will help ensure that tomorrow’s smart grid operates reliably despite increasing complexity and variable feed-in.

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

E.ON will take the leadership of WP6 focused on the interface between TSO and DSO , supported
also by Mitnetz (3rd party) in the German demonstrator.

In WP6 E.ON will take its experiences to coordinate the different demonstrators and show how
the interface between DSO and TSO needs to be enhanced. Different technologies in different
voltage levels in different countries will show a full picture and enable the WP to derive overall
conclusions for the whole European project.

Since E.ON’s subsidiaries are operating distribution grids in very different areas of Germany (from
high RES and low demand to low RES and high demand) E.ON is experienced in coordinating
different challenges and deriving an overall strategy.

E.ON will also contribute in different tasks spread out within the other WPs by giving their
experience of operating a distribution grid which is already high experienced in TSO/DSO
coordination. The flexibilities which need to be used by all system operators in Europe to face the
challenges arising with the increasing amount of RES are connected to the distribution grid.
Therefore it is important to also consider a DSO perspective while creating a roadmap for the trans
European system. All system operators in all voltage levels need to be able to operate their systems
secure and sustainable way to make sure, that the European system is prepared to meet the
European goals. Therefore E.ON will bring the DSO experience and the experience at the interface
to the TSO in all WPs which estimate future challenges, roles and solutions.

Person in charge of the project: Carmen Calpe

More info: https://www.eon.com/en.html

Contact: carmen.calpe@eon.com