Helen Oy (Helen)






Helen Ltd., an energy company, helps to make everyday life a little easier for over 500,000 customers in Finland. In addition to heat, cooling and electricity, Helen offers solutions for regional and renewable energy, smart buildings and electric transport. Helen is developing a smarter, carbon-neutral energy system that enables everyone to produce, use and save energy with respect for the environment. Helen aims to achieve 100% carbon neutrality in our energy production by 2035.

Helen Electricity Network Ltd., the distribution system operator in Helsinki, is a fully owned subsidiary of Helen Ltd.

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

  • Demonstration of market integration of flexible resources in low or medium voltage network to TSO ancillary services
  • Developing and piloting suitable interfaces to connect small distributed assets to the aggregation platform to create a virtual power plant
  • Development of a set of forecasting/optimization tools to estimate the available flexibility of the assets for TSO ancillary services
  • Demonstration of demand response value chain with different resources that include multi-scale battery energy storage systems and electric vehicle charging stations
  • Evaluation of the flexible potential of residential electric heating loads to the TSO ancillary services
  • Proof of concept for a DSO reactive power market mechanism
  • Evaluation of new market and business models based on demonstration experiences


Person in charge of the project: Suvi Takala

More info: https://www.helen.fi/en/

Contact: suvi.takala@helen.fi