Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico SpA (RSE)


RSE (Ricerca sul Sistema Energetico) S.p.A. (former ERSE and CESI RICERCA) is a public company entirely owned by the Italian Government , with the mission of performing public interest RD programs to address the national energy, environmental and economic goals, both on behalf of the Ministry of the Economic Development and in the context of EU research initiatives. About 350 technicians and researchers – and their main laboratories – carry out strategic research in the electricity and energy sector, with strong emphasis on experimental applications. RSE is recognised in Europe as a Non-profit Research Organisation with a wide and very successful role in integrating the national research programmes with the EU directives and plans: it is currently cooperating in more than 60 international research projects and coordinates as leading partner more than 150 main
research centres and companies in the energy field in Europe.

Moreover RSE is involved in several Italian and international standardisation committees on DG
integration. RSE is also actively involved in supporting the Italian Authority of Electricity and Gas and
the Italian Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of implementing the EU Strategic Energy
Technology Plan (SETPlan): namely the Joint Programme of the European Energy Research Alliance
(EERA) on Smart Grids (as JP Leader) and on CCS and Storage, as well as the European Industrial
Initiatives on Electricity Grids (EEGI).

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

  • Given its expertise, RSE will contribute to the following work packages mainly:
  • WP3 Market design and regulation: support to design of future markets for ancillary services;
  • WP6: Definition of system use cases, Development of systems and tools, Demonstrators/ field
    tests, Common vision and conclusion
  • WP10: Technical, economic and regulatory analysis,
  • WP11 dissemination: paper and technical contributions to journals and conferences; contribution
    to the coordination and dissemination events

Person in charge of the project: Diana Moneta

More info: http://www.rse-web.it/home.page?country=eng