Zabala Innovation Consulting SA (ZABALA)


ZABALA is a Spanish SME (over 200 employees) having a wide experience in supporting entities in the management of their RTD and innovation activities, as well as in technology transfer projects and activities. It is a consolidated RTD and Innovation consultancy firm working across Europe on these fields since 1986. Its headquarters are located in Spain (Mutilva, next to Pamplona), having offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valencia and Vigo. In Europe, ZABALA also has its own offices in Brussels (Belgium) with about 10 employees, London (UK) with 3 employees, and recently opened in 2016 in Paris (France) with 4 people staff. Outside Europe, ZABALA has recently opened a new office in Bogotá (Colombia). It currently provides, on a contract basis, consultancy services related to RTD and innovation management to a portfolio of 600 organisations (including SMEs, big companies, RTD centres, universities and public organizations). As part of its services, ZABALA is specialized in
providing service to public administrations in the definition of new support innovation tools (definition of new rules related with public procurement as a relevant tool to support the innovation – CPi and PPI) and in supporting the exploitation of RD results in regional, national and European projects.

Its international project department, the one actively linked to this project, is comprised by a
remarkable team of specialists (technical staff, lawyers, economists) with a big experience on the
management of projects and tenders and in supporting the companies in the participation process.
The core tasks of the international team comprise the preparation, negotiation and management of
RD and innovation projects, the establishment of big consortia, the communication with EC and
other public administration authorities as well as the development of studies for public bodies.
ZABALA currently provides this kind of services to coordinators of around 60 projects, being also
involved in ten different projects whether as partner or as coordinator.

ZABALA is a founding member of Greenovate! Europe, an expert European grouping gathering
created to promote respectful environmental innovation culture and participate actively as partners
in eco innovation projects as ECO PRO (FP7 project directed to accelerate market take up by
maximising the potential use of RD results through an e-dissemination process addressing their
usefulness, usability and applicability), INNOWATER and REMAKE (CIP projects directed to develop
new tools for supporting the eco-innovation in SMEs). Since 2006, ZABALA is the coordinator of the
Secretariat of the European Technology Platform for Electricity Network of the Future (ETP
SmartGrids) and coordinator of the Market Place of the European Innovation Partnership on Smart
Cities and Communities since 2014 till 2016.

Main Task within the EU-SysFlex project

ZABALA will participate in the WP1 “Project Coordination and Management Activities”. It will play the
role Project Office as direct support to the coordinator (EIRGRID). While EIRGRID will comply and deal
personally with the tasks defined in Article 41.2.b of the G.A., the tasks developed by ZABALA will be
related with administrative /financial /legal support to the coordinator. This support consists on tasks
such as:

  •  Preparation of consortium operating procedures.
  •  Support in the management of the Grant Agreement (changes in consortium and other issues) and
    the Consortium Agreement.
  •  Preparation of meetings/ conferences agendas, venues and minutes
  •  Preparation of templates for gathering and reporting issues: technical and financial information.
    ZABALA will also participate in the WP11 “Exploitation, communication and dissemination activities”
    supporting the general dissemination activities of the project.

Person in charge of the project: Ramon Valles

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