Presentation of EU-SysFlex at EUSEW 2020


EU-SysFlex project will be presented at a policy conference of the biggest annual event dedicated to renewables and efficient energy use in Europe – EU Sustainability Energy Week! The presentation will take place on Thursday, June 25 at 14:00 (Brussels, Belgium). EU-SysFlex will be presented by EDF project coordinator Régine Belhomme.

The conference’s topic “Flexibility: the invisible infrastructure for a sustainable society? Future market designs and regulatory hurdles” will focus on addressing flexibility as an essential part of local decarbonization, and the possibility to use it to optimise network investment decisions, within the current regulation as to ensure a just transition.

This event wishes to explore how flexibility solutions can serve as a tool in the energy transition and contribute positively to the economic and sustainable development. Distribution System Operators (DSOs) will play a key role in the energy transition as most decentralized flexible resources are connected to their networks. They will enable transactions between market actors and use flexibility resources in coordination with Transmission System Operators. The aim of the session is to take the flexibility debate out of the box, to enrich the discussion and explore as many points of view as possible. Therefore, it targets anyone involved in the energy transition and will enable the share of new views on flexibility.

Full conference agenda


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