Third EU-SysFlex blog: The “supermarket” approach is one way of managing future electric grids


In a future electricity system with high share of renewable energies, system operators will need to rethink the way they procure flexibility, driven by their actual needs on the one hand and a low-complexity process for flexibility providers on the other hand.

The needs of the future electricity system – such as system adequacy, frequency control, voltage control and congestion management – will drive necessary innovations in the field of system servicesThe transition from a power system, traditionally dominated by large synchronous conventional generation units, to a system with high levels of variable non-synchronous renewable technologies results in challenges that might endanger the safe and reliable operation of the power system both in the transmission and distribution grid. Innovations in system services are not limited to the creation of new products, but will appear in each step of the process for system provision, ranging from changing the parameters of existing products to introducing new products or changes in the market organisation.

Historically, system services were centered around products based on active power, providing frequency control services for the transmission system operator (TSO). Additionally, recent evolutions in system services…read more