WEBINAR | Mitigation of technical scarcities associated with high levels of renewables on the European power system



Over 4 years of work, technical power system studies have identified various technical shortfalls when scenarios with levels of renewables beyond 50% are applied. The scarcities investigated include frequency stability, voltage stability, rotor angle stability, congestion, and restoration. Studies have been performed to test the capabilities of various flexibility solutions to mitigate these scarcities in: the Ireland and Northern Ireland power system (all scarcities), the Polish transmission system that is connected to an approximate model of neighbouring countries (voltage and rotor angle), the Continental Europe (frequency and balancing).

The webinar presents the results of the recently published Task 2.6, final deliverable of WP2.

EU-SysFlex is a Horizon 2020 project aimed at identifying the long-term needs as well as the technical scarcities of the future power system. The objective of the project is to create a long-term roadmap for large-scale integration of renewable energy in electricity grids as well as provide practical assistance to power system operators across Europe. The project team is working on identifying improvements to European market design, regulation, operational practices and enhanced system tools. EU-SysFlex is a project made up of a pan-European consortium, crossing the industry spectrum from TSOs, DSOs, technology providers and consultants as well as research and academic institutes from 34 organisations across 15 European countries.


  • John Lowry, Project Director, EirGrid
  • Marie-Ann Evans, Technical Manager, EDF
  • David Corcoran, Senior Engineer, EirGrid
  • Grégoire Prime, Research Engineer, EDF
  • Ye Wang, Research Engineer, EDF
  • Caroline Bono, Senior Engineer, EDF
  • Mateusz Skwarski, Power System Analyst, PSEi


  • Invitation and project overview presentation by project director John Lowry, EirGrid
  • Overview of scarcities identified in the power system at high RES and mitigating flexibilities tested in the EU-SysFlex project by Technical Manager, Marie-Ann Evans, EDF
  • Inertia and frequency stability mitigations for Continental Europe, Grégoire Prime and Ye Wang, EDF
    • Q&A
  • Voltage and rotor-angle stability mitigations for Continental Europe, Mateusz Skwarski, PSE
    • Q&A
  • Frequency and voltage stability mitigations and congestion management for the Island of Ireland, David Corcoran, EirGrid
    • Q&A
  • Supporting balancing with new flexibilities for large shares of variable RES integration in Europe, Caroline Bono, EDF
    • Q&A
  • Key findings on flexibilities for the power system, Marie-Ann Evans, EDF