WP12: Ethics requirements


Work Package Leader: EirGrid

The objective of this work package is to set out the ‘ethics requirements’ for the EU-SysFlex project and to ensure compliance with these as set out in the Deliverables of the WP.

The Deliverables within WP12 will provide:

  • (D12.1) detailed information on the procedures that will be implemented for data collection, storage, protection, retention and destruction as well as confirmation that all will comply with national and EU legislation. This will also include copies of opinion or confirmation by the competent Institutional Data Protection Officer and/or authorization.
  • (D12.2) confirmation that the ethical standards and guidelines of Horizon2020 will be rigorously applied, regardless of the country in which the research is carried out, including details should any material be imported to/exported from EU and provision of the adequate authorisations hereof.
  • (D12.3) the detailed measures with regard to cybersecurity that are included in the EU-SysFlex project to prevent misuse of research outcomes.