WP2: Development of new approaches for system operation with high RES-E


Work Package Leader: EirGrid

Project partners, led by EirGrid, will assess the technical scarcities of the pan-European power system with high levels of renewables combined with large-scale deployment of new technologies enabling an electrification of heat and transport. The assessed system characteristics includes synchronous inertia, synchronising torque, fault ride-through capability, electromagnetism, ability to provide reserves, reactive power, short circuit levels, black start, and network congestion.

The financial and economic analysis of the simulation results will help to assess the revenue implications of the 2016 Winter Package. This is to identify if sufficient revenue is being earned to support the nature of investment that EU policy requires and maintain a resilient power system that society has come to expect.

Finally, this WP will provide a validation for the proposition of WP3 for improved market design and the technical flexibilities demonstrated in WP6-8 to evaluate the effectiveness of the solutions to mitigate or even remove the technical scarcity.