WP3: Analysis of market design and regulatory options for innovative system services


Work package leader: VITO

WP3 will, based on the technical needs of the system, propose a continuous spectrum of innovative system services. An inventory of detailed product specifications will be presented, ensuring that the range of products and services proposed will cover the entire range of technical system needs. For each product, it will be examined If the service should be procured/activated/settled in a regulated or market-based way. The link between regulatory barriers or market design options and product characteristics will be explained. To that extent, WP3 will study the organization of markets and regulatory frameworks in the context of the provision of innovative system services. For different market design options, roles, responsibilities and interactions between stakeholders (regulated and deregulated) will be examined and potential regulatory barriers will be addressed that might hinder the deployment of certain innovative system services. A selection of market/regulatory options will be further assessed through advanced quantitative power system and market modelling.  WP3 is also responsible for the description of generic functional specifications of the demonstrated system services within EU-Sysflex in the form of a repository of business use cases, defining interactions between roles in line with existing market organizations.  The conclusions of WP3 will support the construction of a flexibility roadmap on the one hand and innovative business models on the other hand.