WP8: Demonstration of aggregation for multi-service provision from a portfolio of distributed resources


Work Package Leader: EDF

The demonstration in WP8 has 2 main objectives: first, to demonstrate the technical feasibility of multi-services and flexibilities provision by an optimal management and coordinated control of multi-resources (wind, PV, storage, controllable loads, etc.); secondly, to analyze the system services (including existing services such as frequency and voltage regulations, as well as new services that will be potentially required in the European power systems such as fast frequency response) that can be provided by the aggregator and to measure the performances of those services.

For this purpose, EDF and Enercon work collaboratively to build the demonstration based on EDF Concept Grid platform, located at EDF Lab Les Renardières, France, by applying the principle of “Hardware In the Loop” (HIL) and by performing experiments with industrial-scale equipment provided by ENERCON. Innovative optimization tools, controllers and communication infrastructures ensuring the interoperability and scalability of the demonstration will be tested.

To assure the mentioned interoperability and scalability, a new full IEC 61850 based and hardware-agnostic R&D software and platform developed by EDF R&D will be used in this demonstrator. This R&D software and platform present several advantages when compared with the traditional ones such as the flexibility to manage the software, firmware and configurations on IED (Intelligent Electronic Devices) with an increased level of cybersecurity. Another important aspect is the evolutivity of the proposed solution, since the evolutions of the software and hardware are mostly independent. This aspect also has a significant impact on the asset management strategies. The possibility to manage the increasing number of Smart Grid devices being deployed on the field for automation and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) on MV and LV networks, with solutions based on IEC Core Standards (such as IEC 61850, IEC 62351 and IEC CIM), is also important to the demonstrator in order to test several services, different control strategies and different optimization methods.

Before the deployment in real operation conditions, all the devices will be tested in EDF Lab Paris-Saclay in a HIL platform specially conceived for this purpose. The A2R (Advanced Power Grid Automation) platform provides great conditions to develop IEC 61850 and IEC 61131 based solutions meeting projects’ needs, to carry out studies on IEC 61850 compliant materials and tools, and perform tests of interoperability between different equipment.

The outcomes of this WP will provide to the project an enhanced flexibility provision perspective by optimally coordinating and managing distributed resources such as wind, PV and storage devices. This can contribute to the power system’s higher needs in terms of flexibility and services and is also aligned with the EU objective of increasing the renewable generation integration. This demonstrator will also provide an innovative way for the coordinated aggregation of flexibilities at local distribution grids, which is of good potential in several EU countries.


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