EU-SysFlex French Virtual Power Plant: FCR provision by wind successfully demonstrated through local tests

Figure 1: View of the wind farm “Les Vignottes 2” – 6x E82 2MW ENERCON wind turbines.

In the previous published work related to the Work Package 8 (WP8) of the EU-SysFlex project, were shared the successful results of ‘multiple-services’ provision by a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). Now, in turn and in the continuation of the WP8 demonstration work, another asset of the French Virtual Power Plant (VPP) was recently tested, which is the 12-MW wind farm, located in the department of “Marne” (about 120 km southeast of Paris). Comprising 6 x E82 2MW ENERCON wind turbines, the wind farm is in operation since 2015, and is supplying the equivalent of 5200 French households (~25000MWh/year).

FCR would be one of the next services to be provided by wind farms

If in some European Countries (i.e. Germany, Spain) wind farms can already participate to the provision of FRR (‘Frequency Restoration Reserve’), this is not yet the case for FCR (‘Frequency Containment Reserve’).

FCR is (for now) the first real time lever for ensuring the frequency stability of the Continental European Power System, and is provided so far mainly by the so-called dispatchable power plants. However, as such conventional generation is being displaced, it is a duty that Renewable Energy Sources (RES) should progressively…[read more]